Preschool Life

A short introduction of what can be expected for you child at Haylands

Settling In

Parents are welcome to bring their children in for settling in sessions as this helps new arrivals and their transition into preschool. This provides reassurance for the children and their families and helps the staff to get to know the new children.

Key Person

A 'key person' is our name for your child's specific member of staff. Your child's relationship with their key person will be an important part of their time at preschool. However, the children will also form strong relationships with the other staff members too.

Tapestry Journals

Tapestry 'Learning Journals' is an online journal which includes photographs taken by our staff. Parents can log in and securely view their own child's observations as they are published.

School Days

School days consist of having fun, playing, learning, making friends and interacting with other children and adults. We achieve this through a wide variety of easily accessible resources and activity, through free play and adult led sessions.

Everyone is Special

To promote this, we have a daily mini teacher who carries out small tasks. Every child has the opportunity to take home a chatterbox which they can fill with things that are special to them and bring into school and share with the group. Every child takes home book bag to share with their parents.

School Readiness

We use every opportunity to support all children and their families through the transition to school. We support the children to build on their confidence, self-esteem and independence to prepare them for their next stage of education.

What does my child need for Haylands Preschool?

It's important to name your child's clothes (including shoes and boots) and their lunch box and bags. They do recognise things, but they also 'desire' other things! Please help your child by showing them their preschool belongings and where their name is on them as this will also help us make sure they are happy and they have their own favourite belongings.

Day to Day

Most important is that your child needs to be in good health. If you are unsure, please contact us before brining them in. If your child is in pull-ups or training to use the toilet, they need a named bag with enough changes of clothes, wet wipes and pull-ups or nappies. Also, a healthy lunch box in a named box.

When its Sunny

Appropriate clothes and shoes remembering we play outside a lot. Also bring a jumper or cardigan as the weather can sometimes change. We supply sun cream, if your child has allergies you can provide the appropriate sun cream. We also provide every child with a sun hat.

When its cold

Your child will need warm clothes and a coat with suitable footwear as we do still go outside in the cold and rain. You are welcome to bring in your own child's wellies, but please provide another pair of shoes for when we return to the indoor environment.

Play and learning


Our setting aspires to give all children the best start to their early education. We use the EYFS curriculum to enhance their experiences and opportunities so that they can investigate and explore natural and exciting resources within an enabling environment. This allows children to learn, explore, investigate and experience the awe and wonder of the world around them.

As stated in the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation (2021), all children are unique individuals and have their own learning and development style that takes place at their own pace. Our team of staff are there to support and encourage all children to reach their full potential.

We promote positive relationships to ensure all families own individual cultures are recognised by us.

Details of the Early Year Foundation can be found here.


At Haylands we offer a wide range of natural and manmade stimulating resources and activities for indoor and outdoor play and learning. Our resources give children the opportunity to play and learn spontaneously enabling them to think critically, develop their own ideas, use their imaginations, progress and develop their language and communication skills. These resources also help develop and strengthen their fine and gross motor skills and through all this supports them to build relationships with peers and adults. All resources are accessible to all children of all ages.

Activities and play can be adult or child led. Adult led activities are singing, story time, dance, musical instrument sessions, cooking, art and craft activities and trips out in to the local community.

Key Person

A member of our staff will be appointed as a 'key person' for your child's as they start preschool. The key person role includes helping your child settle in to preschool, ensuring your child feels confident and safe in the setting, observing and assessing your child and planning 'next steps', updating the Tapestry 'Learning Journal'.

Your child's relationship with their key person will be an important part of their time at preschool. If a bond does not develop the key person can be changed however, as we are a small team, the children will also form strong relationships with the other staff members too. We encourage the children to do this, so that they feel confident working with different people and aren't unsettled if their play partner isn't there on a certain day.


Tapestry 'Learning Journals' is an online journal which includes written observations and photographs made by our staff. Parents can log in and securely view their own child's observations as they are published.

These observations are used by your child's key person to complete your child's 'next steps' in their learning. You can also add information such as things that your child achieves at home or special times spent with family and friends. These observations will support the key person to build on your child's interests within our environment and link them to their EYFS learning journal.

Best for your children!

Our focus is for all children to feel safe and secure within Preschool and for them to reach their full potential.


We know that early years experience should build on what the child already knows and can do. There will be opportunities for children to engage in activities planned by adults, and also those that the children plan or initiate themselves.

Healthy Food

All snacks are provided at Preschool. We promote healthy eating by providing a wide variety of healthy food and water is always available.

We carry out cooking activities which are planned for a full week once every half term.


In the setting we organise and conduct sessions for parents who can come and join in with play. We organise a summer fayre along with celebrating festivals and community events.

Strong Relationships

We build strong relationships with parents and carers. We work closely with external agencies such as health visitors, speech and language and early years advisors. We work closely on school transition and with other preschools where your child attends multiple settings.