Haylands Pre-school Fees

  • Morning session - £8.75
  • Lunch club - £3.50
  • Afternoon session - £8.75
  • All day - £21.00
  • Breakfast/After School Club £3.75 for breakfast, 3-4pm £4.50, 4-5pm £5.50, 5-6pm £5.50
  • Holiday club 1st child £3.50 per hour, 2nd child £3.00 per hour, 3rd child £2.50 per hour

Fees Terms and Conditions

  • These fees will be reviewed each September.
  • Receipts will be issued upon payment of fees if needed for Working Child Tax Credits.
  • Children may be eligible for 2 year funding, please refer to www.dorsetforyou.com for further information.
  • The next full term after your child’s third birthday, he/she will be eligible for government funding. This is made up of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year.
  • When your child starts at Haylands you will be given a money bag with their name on. This will contain an invoice for fees. Please return this money bag with fees enclosed and a receipt will be issued. All fees are to paid on a weekly basis and must not go more than two weeks in arrears. As stated in our policies if fees are two weeks in arrears you will risk losing your child’s space.
  • If your child is sick or on holiday, full fees must still be paid. It is very important to advise the manager of sickness or leave, otherwise it will be assumed that after two weeks absence and we have not heard otherwise, there may be a risk that you lose the space.
  • Two weeks notice must be given if you wish to give up your space.
  • All pre-schools on Portland belong to Portland pre-school support group, and therefore should you take your child away from Haylands owing money, and register at another pre-school on Portland, you will be asked for the fees due to Haylands before a space is offered. This applies vice-versa.